The Painted Journey of Soul-Connection and Story Telling

The world needs creativity, community, connection, and powerful NEW DREAMS.  My artwork and the work I do in collaboration with my clients is about dusting off our intuition and imagination and falling into the lap of Spirit to receive support - and that support can come when we close our eyes and trust the magnificence of our human design and its magical connection to Mother Earth.

I am not a Shaman, but I am a hungry student and devotee to the ancient teachings of direct revelation and connection that we can receive when we TRUST.  Intuition and imagination go hand in hand - we cannot have one without the other - and my journey of creating powerful images for my clients is as potent as their experience of seeking out creativity to add magic to their families and lives.

I paint with the intention to create more than just a good painting for the people I work with - I weave together layers that I hope will speak of the vastness of the human spirit and capture ESSENCE, not just moments. 

And, in all seriousness, its a ridiculous amount of F U N for both parties... often with a dose of glitter.





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Held in Bliss and Love, 30_x30_ acrylic