Connecting with Spirit Guides

I am a follower of the Shamanic belief that the natural world is here to be our teacher.  Connecting with the natural world in our ordinary reality is potent - connecting to those spirits in non-ordinary (the unseen realms) is powerful beyond reason.

Every human has the capacity to travel into the imaginal (not imaginary!) realms to connect and foster relationships with Spirits that are waiting for us to ask them for support.  What does it take to do this?  TRUST in your intuition and imagination to give you what your soul needs and a desire to know that the real you is VAST and beyond ordinary comprehension.

If you want to connect to the imaginal realm specifically to meet your personal helping spirits, connect with me                 and I can give you some simple guidance and inspiration to jumpstart your inner dive. If you decide that you want your experience to be captured in a painting, then we will weave an image of personal POWER + MAGIC through the genuine sharing of your vision and my interpretation through paint.**