As Above, So Below

I am a believer in the Shamanic teaching that the natural world is our greatest nurturer.  Connecting deeply with ourselves as part of the Earth can also help us understand our place in Cosmic Creation - the building blocks of the universe are mirrored in the plants under our feet and everything is meant to be one fabulous dance. 

Intuition and an understanding that we are infinitely expansive is what stokes the flames of my art making. And LOVE.  I have been given the opportunity to explore the ancient saying "As Above So Below" with clients to take their relationship with nature and creation and weave a story of interconnectedness through layers of painted meaning.   

Sacred Geometry, animal spirit guides, ancestral stories, and Cosmic Guides all make their way into these images and the process for both myself and the client is quite beautiful and straight up magical (I use that word a lot.  It's my favorite). 

If you are seeking out a painted experience with me and want to explore the realm outside of portraiture, check out YOUR CREATIVE COUCH SESSION to see what the process looks like - and remember, there is no limit to what your experience can look like!





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