Awake, Untamed, Unburned, and Unbound

Updated: Mar 10

{Inspired by a writing prompt in "The Holy Wild," by Danielle Dulsky}

This Witch awake, untamed, unburned, unbound, and exquisitely FREE.



This gut is mine.

This intuition is mine.

This will to create is mine.

This passion to inspire is mine.

This union of dark and light is mine.

I own the path in the Bottom, in the Belly, and I traverse it willingly.

I journey to the Dark Mothers womb to witness what must go, to see what seeds must get watered, and to divine what is truly MY WILL.

For MY will is THY will.

And I will Know MYSELF.

Through my Witches Red Pigment I radically heal, weave back together, and LOVE who I am in this here and now.

And that I AM is Divinely Human.

And Divinely Feminine.

Through my Dark Waters I wash away the need to create how others have done it before me.

Through my Raging Fires of Purple Flames I free myself to BE and and radiate what best serves my Freedom and that of others.

Through my Wild Wisdom and piercing seer eyes I cut through the blockades my human journey and woundings has created, and build the reality+world that brings me the most joy.

I cut down the ugly Black Beast teaming with Comparison, Worthlessness, and Insufficiency. That beast breathing black, prickly, sticky shadows - I banish you with my still and knowing mind.

Because I see you.

I see your birth, your destruction, and your ultimate death.

That death is NOW.

Your power over my human journey is washed away by my inner Water Goddess, my own Sacral waters of life, my own creative force. Shakti.

You are no match for this Shakti unleashed, unbound, unbound, unbound, and unbound.

I cut through the gnarled roots along my path grasping at my ankles and desperate to keep me from flying.

I can see the thousands upon thousands of little claws reaching up from those twisted, toxic roots trying to grind their way into the Womb and into my bones.

They are burned away with my torch of TRUE DESIRE.

My Desire for FREEDOM.


Those knots have no hold anymore.

And so I fly.

I fly inward, deep into my own presence, into my own Magical Infinity.

Because I am a Witch untamed, unburned, and unbound.

My words are for me.

They are for you.

The red thread that ties us together is as ancient as the womb of the Mother Herself.

We are sisters, brothers.

We are one.

And so I fly.

And so you fly.

Inward, deeper, into the expanse of your Heart, your womb, your navel.

As obstacles arrive, I hold them in my hand, meld them into agents of change, and throw them into those ancient fires right behind my closed eyes.

My Magic is in my Humanness.

My Humanness is woven into my Divinity.

I am timeless, I am undying.



I own my healing, Alchemizing Rage.

I bathe in my own Ecstasy like waters from the Fae Rivers.

I wear my confidence like Dragon Scales on my body, bright gold and midnight black in equal turns.

I swim in my Moist Darkness because that is where I feel the Mother holding me.

I bask in my Brilliant Light because that is where I touch Infinity.

I chose this Lifetime.

I CHOOSE this life every day.

Every morning I wake and grab my wand - my body is that wand.

My body is the gift I will continue to turn to, especially when she begins to slow down and go back into the earth - I will be with her fully. I will love her in her wisdom as I love her now in her Wild Maga Fire, in her Creatrix Mother Presence.

She is me.


I am wiping the heavy sleep from my eyes that would hide the utter BRILLIANCE of this lifetime, this incarnation.

I open my eyes wide, and let my Soul out into the world.

I create Joy. I seek Joy.

And I Live.

Because I AM the Witch untamed, awake, unburned, and unbound.


So mote it be done, for the good of every one.

All the love,

Mary Claire xoxo