"Courage to BE" was created with the desire to show the soul as powerful, calm, and as infinitely layered as the beautiful peony.  Soo many people come up against resistance when they are asked to allow themselves to fully BE, to be themselves unfiltered and in their fullest expression.  This graceful, waiting Lioness is beckoning you to take that dive into yourself - to ask you "where are you holding back?" and "where are you needing to ROAR and spread your wings in order to breathe more fully?"


She was created during "Leo Season" (I am a Leo myself) during a period where I could feel tension and resistance around this theme.  When a desire to create an image that serves as a "red flare" for FREEDOM arises in the studio, I run after it!  I hope this giclee print acts as a beacon of powerful energy in your home and a reflection of possibilities. 

"Courage to BE," 20"x20" Wrapped Canvas Print

  • Your print will be drop-shipped directly from my print lab.  Shipping is already included in the cost of the print here.  Please allow for up to 2 weeks from order to delivery, due to my print lab's wait time.