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The Goddess extends beyond typical "human" embodiments - She is in all things that grow, nuture, and birth.  Our planet, Mother Nature, Sophia Gaia is our first mother as much as our birth mothers, holding us in her verdent green womb and always there for us.  All we have to do is walk outside, stick our barefeet in the grass, take a deep breath, and say "I am here." 

Sophia Gaia {21" Concrete Statue}

  • Each statue is hand painted - there will be slight differences on each one, but the colors and themes will remain the same.  They are primed and properly sealed for both indoor and outdoor display, but I do it ends up inside within your sacred space. 

  • Yes, this ole' lady is 22lbs.  And YES, she can be shipped!  To ensure she makes is safely to your home there is a lot of packing and protection that goes into it.  Shipping outside of Louisiana, which includes full coverage insurance, is $120.  This will be a separate invoice that must be paid prior to shipping.  

    All other statues for clients in and around the Baton Rouge area can be delivered/picked up. 

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