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The Dark Mother, The Wise Crone, is a petition to fall in love with the darkness.  The darkness isn't "shadows," it's the great cosmic womb where we can be nourished, healed, and allowed a safe place to unravel, rage, wail, cry, and be reborn anew.  She is full of mystery and overflowing with love and understanding for our beautiful human journey. 

The Dark Mother {21" Concrete Statue}

  • Each statue is hand painted - there will be slight differences on each one, but the colors and themes will remain the same.  They are primed and properly sealed for both indoor and outdoor display, but I do hope it ends up inside within your sacred space.

  • Yes, this ole' lady is 22lbs.  And YES, she can be shipped!  To ensure she makes is safely to your home there is a lot of packing and protection that goes into it.  Shipping outside of Louisiana, which includes full coverage insurance, is $120.  This will be a separate invoice that must be paid prior to shipping.  

    All other statues for clients in and around the Baton Rouge area can be delivered/picked up. 

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