This altar piece explores the Tri-Colored Flame of the heart, the bridge between Earth and the Cosmos.  The blue flame is the embodiment of the Divine Mother, the golden flame is the embodiment of the Divine Father, and the "diamon pink" flame is our individual, universal soul-self.  Located at and right below our heart center, it grounds us deep into our infinite self while rooting us into our human journey.  


**Each statue is custom made!  They are individually hand-painted and will have their own unique flare while sticking to the theme you have selected.  Please allow for 1-2 weeks before completion and you will be notified of your wait time at purchase.**


The Tri-Colored Flame, 21" Concrete Statue

  • **Pick-up or delivery available for customers in and around the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, St. Francisville, Mandeville, Alexandria (Louisiana) areas.  Please specify which you will require*

    **Statues are primed, painted, and sealed for interior and exterior placement.  

    **Shipping costs will be negotiated with individuals and will be charged separately.  Please contact artist directly through contact link with your zip code so that an estimate can be created.  These are fairly heavy!**