Your Creative Couch Session 

{the process}

The "business side" of the studio

A recent client of mine asked me if I needed to charge him for "couch time" after our initial inspiration session together.  This made me laugh hysterically as well as feel all the warm+fuzzy feels possible because of the sincerity and transparency my clients share.  The way I welcome you into the process does ask for some vulnerability and intimacy that undoubtedly leaves us friends for life. 

The "process" is as deep as you/the client wants it to go.  Anyone who is local is welcome to come to the studio and spend a few hours sharing your inspiration, your stories, the magical little nudges of intuition that led you to me, and from that session we create the foundation for the painted experience.


You don't have to know exactly what you want - all that is needed is a compulsion to have something created in the manner that I create and a willingness+excited CURIOSITY to let the process unfold as it needs to. 

The time we spend together creates a wee little door to your soul for me to peek into. Whether it is in person/on the phone/via the email "MC" questionnaire (one of my favorite things to utilize since the response is done in your own time and privately which results in a beautifully raw experience) you are allowing me to share your experiences and live your stories while I paint for you.  I NEVER know what a painting will look like once I begin, there is as much faith and trust on my end as I am asking of you!  

The experience doesn't consist of just one inspiration session resulting in a painting - you can expect to be in touch with me for the weeks it takes to create the image (you can expect a finished and dried painting in 4-5 weeks of starting).  I treat my paintings as sentient beings and truly strive to connect to the Spirit of who/what I am painting, so the relationship between you/client and myself is very much part of the F U N xoxo. 

I used to steer clear of what I used to call "witchy" ways of creating because of years of academia brainwashing I have been releasing...and releasing...and releasing...and still releasing.  What I once called "witchy" I now know as my intuition and ability to dance with the energy of my clients to help bring forth what their soul is craving to be created.  

This is only possible because of YOU.  If you have found yourself wanting to collaborate with me it is because we share some thread of magic. 


My commitment to you is to give you joy and reflect the splendor of Spirit and Magic you possess - in return, your relationship and willingness to go down this road with me is my gift and always leaves me giddy and speechless xoxo. 

Goddess Photo Shoot!

If you're ready to create with me click on the SCHEDULE button to set up a session!  Zoom sessions available for out of towners and shipping out of state is reasonable.