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The Birth of the Bundle

As my work, intention, and purpose on this green planet have evolved I find myself wanting to FILL MY STUDIO with people.  I want to fling my doors open and welcome in those who want to be saturated in creativity and collaboratively shift, uncover, and free themselves (ourselves!) from old paradigms and ways of being.  

I am not a therapist.  I am a human, a mother, a wife, an artist, a lover, a birth/rebirth worker, and a devoted student of life and the universe


What I give through these spiritual coaching+support sessions and the resulting artwork have been learned by a fierce determination to stay deeply connected with Spirit/Source/God/Sophia God/Universe/whatever name fits your experience of divinity.  My own journey has uncovered an ability to connect to and shift other peoples experiences of their lives, mirror back non-judgment of where they are (because I have been in the pitch black darkness), 

Enter the birth of the Mystic Medicine Bundle:

* * 3-90min (probably longer...they always are!) Soul-Shift Sessions.  These sessions are not talk therapy - they are action-based, energetically and intuitively driven, sometimes ceremonial, and will often incorporate shamanic and embodiment practices in which together we welcome in the true voice of your soul.  We will use the power of ACTION, fire (maybe an actual fire!), and your own witch essence (your intuition!) to help you move from a "fate" life colored by old memories+stories into your destiny - because we were born to live through passion+purpose.  

* * A (minimum) 30"x30" artwork that I create for you after these sessions - holding your story, your intention, and your desired trajectory in heart and mind.  This artwork is my "medicine gift" to you on your journey and will act as a daily reflection in your home of your experiences of your true self.  I treat painting as my own personal form of magic and manifestation where I create in direct connection with your journey and where you want to direct your own magical flow. 

An open line of communication and sharing is created during that first session - I want to hear all of your intuitive "hits," what you're experiencing, and how you're moving through this story as we go. Impromptu phone calls, facetimes, texts are expected!

{There is an option to go larger with your artwork}

The Mystic Medicine Bundle is an opportunity to take a deep dive with a soul sista', to be in the presence of a loving witness, to be fully supported, and to be CELEBRATED as you take steps to shed constrictions and step into your DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY and BADASSERY.

What is divine sovereignty?  It is you knowing your innate worth, fully trusting the power of your intuition, owning your autonomy in your journey, and knowing that you are a divine being having a human existence that is a gift from start to finish - and that that "end" is only a transition into light. 

Hugs and loves,

Mary Claire 

**Contact me using the form below for Bundle price, payment options, and session bookings*

**If you are looking for 1:1 Support Sessions, follow the link below to book a Soul-Shift Session

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See you in the studio!

Contact me here for bundle price, payment options, and session bookings.

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