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A heart felt THANK YOU to the amazing people I get to work with.  I believe that every client is a destined opportunity and each of them has taught me something.  Every experience is personal+unique to the individual and the words (and often tears) we share together are food for my soul!

Everpresent Love. 36_x36_ acrylic on can

"My husband transitioned 2.5 years ago and my heart was so full of grief, I couldn't see or feel very much for awhile.  Into my life entered Mary Claire, whose gift is to capture through her Divine lens, the essence of a person.  She captured, through color and light, the love my husband I shared during our precious time together."

Jacquie V. W. 

Holding the World, 40_x30_ acrylic on ca

"I literally have no words.  I cannot tell you how moving it embodied her energy better than I could explain."

Sam R. 

Held in Bliss and Love, 30_x30_ acrylic

"That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! The colors are amazing and I cannot even express how beautiful and just outstanding this piece really is! 

Kirsten K. 

The Seeds of Family

"You could have painted a piece about them a hundred times, but THIS painting is the one.  It could not have been any other way."

Luke G. 

Angel in Disguise 36_x36_ acrylic on can

"Mary Claire not only nailed the joy of my Little Bob in her painting but was able to express the essence of my father's endearing spirit, who gave me this pup from the other side!  Her paintings are divine living creations.  And I cherish her talent as I remember both of them with a full heart."

Jenn O. 

Seraphim Bear, 20_x36_ acrylic on canvas

"Mary Claire has a gift of connecting with your essence, your spirit.  She then creates a visual portal that allows you to see your most authentic and inspired self."

Lina J. 

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