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The Painted Experience

I journey into the imaginal realms of color, light, Mother Nature, and Spirit to weave together an image that I treat as a "medicine gift" for the soul and a luscious experience of YOU.  You'll find animals, sacred geometry, portraiture, color used therapeutically, and all manner of symbolism and allegory.  I like to keep it organic, spicy, and the good times rollin' in and always surprising me!

All uncharted waters are welcome, all stories are heard, man and woman alike.  We are each a mirror reflection of the universe - dark, beautiful, full of light, and full of potential. 

If any of that tickled your fancy and you want to know more about the process.  I don't paint to match your living room set -I paint to match your life, your story, and where you want to take yourself.  The sky is the limit and you are limitless xoxo.  

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