The Human Experience

Painting has been my one true love for more than half my life and it has been the conduit through which I process all of my life, all of my feel's, all of the energy that flows in and through me.  My paintings have become my Red Thread - my ever present proof that divine love and purpose is real and in everything we do {from those dishes in the sink to playing with our children outside} is sacred. I paint stories, Goddesses, cosmic curiosities, animal spirits, ponderings, any and all manner of sparkly wonders that come to me through my clients.


Every painting is a beautiful experience of human connection, sharing, and trust.  My clients share themselves fully and allow me to express their stories, their people, and their lives through the avenue I love most.  It's a magnificent experience and I fall more and more in love with the people of the world.  There are truly amazing humans out there and I want to share my passion with them all! 

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