Artworks and Commissions

Painting has been my one true love for more than half my life, and it has been the conduit through which I process all of my life, all of my feel's, all of the energy that flows in and through me.  My paintings have become my Red Thread - my ever present proof that divine love and purpose is real and in everything we do - from those divine dishes in the sink to a painting in my studio.

My work tells stories of transformations, journeys, and divine SMACKS of inspiration.  The graduate student Mary Claire from over a decade ago would tell the current Mary Claire "UGH, you're just another feminist painter."  And the #QueenStats me of today would lovingly respond "B*tch please, this work is SACRED."


Painting is part of my spiritual discipline, is what keeps me both grounded and lofty, is what makes my insides vibrate with knowing, and is an ever-evolving language of love.