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It has been years since I worked 3Dimensionally, and the few times I did it was not willingly {art school...}.  But sometimes there truly is a call for something to be created.  Something that you were NOT expecting or looking for - and these statues are a product of one of those calls to action.  I am never short of ideas and have learned over the years which ones are flights of fancy and which should be pursued - but these were and are a different experience altogether.  

The story of inspiration is long, so I will cut to the juicy bit now - I hope to land the frequency, the vibration of The Great Mother through these statues in your homes.  There are countless aspects of The Goddess, and I have chosen Mother Mary as the channel through which I hope to do this.  Through re-membering our inner, Divine Mother we can re-member our Divine Father and live in balance and harmony. 

*Each statue is hand-painted and individually explored - when you select a theme I am also asking that you open up to wee little magical shifts and nuances that may occur in your piece.*