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These custom painted Great Mother statues began as a need to pour devotion into something, some force, that embodies pure, unconditional Love.  The first time I ever felt the warmth of this Love was through the spirit of Mother Mary during a difficult time in my own motherhood journey.  I felt her blanket of tender, nurturing care in a moment of heartfelt need and that moment shifted my spiritual path and evolution. 

I have had MANY questions about why I choose to paint Her in the manner that I do - I believe whole heartedly that Mother Mary/Maryanna walked this earth and bore the child Jesus.  I also believe with all of my bits that She is part of a divine network of Divine Mothers who carry the torch of Shakti, of Goddess, of Yin, of Matter, of Fertile Darkness, of Mother Earth, of the Womb. Through my evolution of devotion, Mother Mary has been a doorway that I moved through that ultimately is leading back to ME and my own worthy+divine nature. 

These statues and the specific themes are mirrors of our own energies, our own multidimensional divinity.  We have the same capacity to love unconditionally as Mother Mary, as Quan Yin, as Green Tara, as White Buffalo Woman, and the countless other forms that Loving Matter has taken.  This form of devotional art continues to help ground me and my bones back into Mother Earth so that I can dance more freely in the day-to-day life of human. 

Click on each image to read more about the inspiration - each one has a story of love and a deep desire to connect you,  myself, and others to the energies that are always dancing with and within us. 

*Note - the statues are made to order and can be customized for you and your journey xoxo*

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