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The Cosmic Couch Experience

The Cosmic Couch Collaboration is a wild, mystical, party experience with me in the studio.  We start with an initial 2hr session (sometimes longer...once we get going we GET GOING!) session that opens up a connection between us, a peekaboo portal into your soul's story and journey, and an access point in the imaginal realms for me to create what needs to come through for you. And it starts with you lounging on my luxurious green (cosmic) couch in the studio.

You don't have to know exactly what you want - you only need to know that you WANT it and together we will find out why.

People, power animals, sacred geometry, healing through color, deep dives into the elemental world as well as the dark expanse of the cosmos.  All it takes is a nudge of intuition, a desire to throw yourself into a creative collaboration, and to be open to what will come through for you. 


This is not a "Hey, I'd like a painting with some blue in it to match my couch set" type of experience.  This is a "Hey, this might sound weird - but do you think you could create a painting that expresses the infinite nature of family?" (true account) type of experience.  I have learned that it is a bold+brave+ballsy move to approach someone with this level of transparency and vulnerability.  I will honor and hold your softness safely in my studio and create a sacred space for it to expand and for you to feel empowered. 

The process is deep, full of laughter, hugs, tears, and a liberating amount of profanity is welcome.  This uniquely tailor

ed commission experience is for the human who is ready to invest in the creative process.  Creativity is vital to humanity and to us thriving instead of surviving.  Your transparency and vulnerability throughout the process makes you a creative agent in the narrative - when you see the painting at the end you will know that it truly is YOURS. 

Loves and hugs,

Mary Claire

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See you in the studio!

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