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Private Commission Experience

A private commission experience is a wild (or tame!), mystical, party experience with me in my studio or at your house.  We start with an initial session that opens up a connection, a peekaboo portal into your journey and the path that you're carving out for yourself.  For some the experience alchemizes into an allegorical painting with the intention to aid in personal healing and for others it is about lifting the energy of their home through BEAUTY. 

I believe with every cell in my magpie being that beauty can heal and lift the frequency of a space, shifting the mundane into something sacred.  I use color therapy, symbols, and all manner of allegorical approaches to tell the story that best meets you where you are and where you are going.

The experience can start like "Hey, this might sound weird - but do you think you could create a painting that expresses the nature of family?" or to specifically help catalyze your current healing journey, acting as a mirror of EMPOWERMENT.  

The process is as deep as you need it to go, full of laughter, hugs, tears, and a liberating amount of profanity is welcome (open that throat chakra!).  There is no prerequisite for working with me - just a desire to follow an intuitive nudge and a knowing that CREATIVITY is important, healing, and activating!

Loves and hugs,

Mary Claire

*Contact me using the form below for a price sheet and booking your first session.

See you in the studio!

Contact me here for pricing inquiries and booking your first session.

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