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Creating, Connecting, and Sharing in all the ways xoxo

There is a lot I could say about my artwork, my teaching style, and what I hope to share with my community (I am never short of words...a lot of words).  The artwork, the classes, the conversations, the bizare blog homilies, the laughs, the cries, they're all woven together - they're all an exploration of this wildly human and incredible experience. 

Everything I create+share is an opportunity to alchemize experiences into something to inspire JOY, connection, and a sense of union between You, yourself, and the infinite.  I create what makes me feel good, what helps me ground my feet into the grass and my noggin' into the stars - most of the time that is an artwork, but other times it is a blog/workshop/event (I love to wag my tail feathers, so expect any in-person experience to have movement!)  I don't like a box... but I DO love a circle, and even more - community.  

I am fully devoted to living a life that brings that level of happiness to myself and you.  Because we are worth it xoxo.

If it's a painting you're after, check out the PAINTED EXPERIENCE page and see what I've done with previous clients.

If you're here to shop, check out my DEVOTIONS SHOP PAGE for some lovingly crafted home pieces.

If you're after an in-person event/workshop on whatever it is that is currently tickling my fancy, check out my WORKSHOP/EVENTS PAGE and follow me on IG @maryclaire_soulartist for updates. 

With all the crazy love, hugs, laughs, and cries,

Mary Claire

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