Artist. Yogi. Doula. Wife. Modern Momma. 

I am in the business of sifting the cobwebs from my own mirror, rewiring my system to shine brighter, and to do it all through deep embodiment and understanding of our amazing body+mind+spirit temples.  Everything I do and seek out is a way of connecting to a more primal, simple existence that allows infinite expansion and ridiculous happiness - all while being a modern day woman chasing kids around the house.

We don't need to move states/continents to expand as a person.  We don't need ideal situations to learn how to shine bright.  And, yes, we really do have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.  My paintings are experiential, the way I process this crazy-awesome-wild life and are my bridge to all of the things that are "bigger."  We don't need to be like someone else, we just need to find a way to amplify ME and root deeper - my artwork is the heart of that cosmic root system. 

My roots are loud, vibrant, deep, humorous, whimsical, flowing, evolving, and always seeking pleasure with a capital P.

Enjoy **




"The way you show up in life is how you will show up in birth." Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth

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