The world needs creativity, community, connection to the earth, and powerful NEW DREAMS. 

The art experiences and spiritual coaching I do with fellow human travelers is born from a full-body devotion to loving+understanding others, to staying connected to the natural world as my source of maternal nourishment, and to using my creativity as a tool for helping others access Spirit and their own, pure, wound-free, magical soul.  

Everything I give is pulled from years of inner work, of diving into shadows, refusing to settle for what others told me I/WE are capable of, and from finding light through the cracks of what I thought was my shattered self.  At our source we are always at peace, always loved, and are waiting in the curtains for us to say YES, I AM READY.  Ready to devote ourselves to our spiritual health and to a life of sacred living no matter where you are in life. 

With all the crazy love, hugs, laughs, and cries,

Mary Claire

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