I am in the business of sifting the cobwebs from my own mirror, rewiring my system to shine brighter, and to do it all through deep embodiment and understanding of what it means to really be human.  Everything I do and seek out is a way of connecting to a deeper existence that creates infinite expansion and ridiculous happiness - all while being a modern day woman chasing kids around the house.

My paintings are way of connecting and weaving stories together, capturing the magic of LIFE and spirit.  They are a gateway into sparkly+magical+cosmic+crazy+faery+love+birds+Goddesses+all the thangs. They are an extension of my soul knocking on the door of someone else's soul.  My work in the birth field is not much different than my painting process - it is about connecting to the mother, communing with the baby, and bringing the mother and her baby closer in their divine yoke.  

As I spend time clarifying and aligning myself with what I am really doing here on this planet in these crazy times, I know in my deepest soul/womb/gut/toes/hair follicles that I am meant to take journeys of healing with other people through my artworks and my connection with mommas.  Everyone's journey will look different because we all need vastly different things - but we all need support and we all need the spark of humanity. 

I am ME seeking out the real YOU. Let's ride this sparkly train of awesomeness together xo.

Love, Mary Claire 



"The way you show up in life is how you will show up in birth." Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth

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