Your birth matters, even though women have been doing it forEVER.   

Most importantly - YOU matter.  Your body, your feelings, your emotions, your desires, your voice.  

Whether you're a rock star, peace lilly, vixen, slithering serpent, roaring tigress, buddha, or raging Kali - you are a Goddess and your pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are opportunities for you to EXPAND in all directions as both fully human and fully divine. 

Birth and motherhood are S A C R E D, and the "One" you will learn to worship through your work with me is yourself.  

My life's purpose is to fan the flames of the sacred, sensual, and juicy in the lives of women in birth and beyond - everything I do with you I have done with myself.  No stone left unturned, no shadow ignored, and all things mundane transmuted into magic {still working on shifting doing the dishes into an act of divine love, but I'm getting there}.

I will never advocate for a "natural birth," tell you that I will make your birth "comfortable," or pat you on the shoulder and say "Well, atleast (insert unhelpful advice)..."

I WILL, however, shower you with fierce momma love, demand you to speak your desires, witness you burn through your fears, help create a sacred and safe birthing space, hold court for the new you that will slowly be unveiled, and show up for you in full+loud+powerful authenticity. 

No bull shit.  Just love. Breathe in, and know that you are deeply loved.  


Conception support, Sacred Pregnancy coaching, birth day support, and postpartum love.

Doula Love

Grow, expand, and blast through your shadows.  Being "mom" does not have to mean being "last."

For the Rebel Momma

My paintings are my Red Thread, the way I see, the way I process, and the way I feel my way through the world.

My Red Thread


"The way you show up in life is how you will show up in birth." Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth

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