The Painted Journey of Soul-Connection and Story Telling Artwork

The world needs creativity, community, connection, and powerful NEW DREAMS.  My custom artwork and the way I work with my clients is to dive into their own well of inspiration. It is about dusting off our intuition.  It's about lighting up the imagination and falling deeply into trust, personal power, and infinite love.  In both paintings and in conversations I hope to empower the people I work with as well as give them a way to reflect back on how incredible it is to be a human having a unique journey in life. 

Our human experience is shaped by dark and light, male and female, positive and negative, up and down, right and left forces.  But there is a never ending expanse of space and possibility in the place between opposites/duality - it is that place I attempt to dance in and create unique artwork that craft the soul of a person while touching on the interwoven nature of our beings.  

The connection I strive to create with my clients may begin with the desire to have a custom painting, but it ends with an intimate friendship and a painting that reflects back just how amazing YOU are. 


Creativity, as our collective birthright, is an incredible tool to express the depth of our humanity. 

And, in all seriousness, it's a ridiculous amount of F U N for both parties... often with a dose of glitter or a good {more like cheesy} joke.

Some call it soul art, but I like to call it soul-crafting. You don't have to know exactly what you want - all that is needed is a compulsion to have something created in the manner that I create and a willingness+excited CURIOSITY to let the process unfold as it needs to. 






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